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Tips and Tricks

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Curating a Well Traveled Home

A big trend in home decor for Fall 2015 is a curated look – that could be anything from a gallery wall to an entire space.

Since I have a wandering spirit and adventurous travel is a big part of who I am, reflecting that in my home is important to me.  But doing so doesn’t mean carting home tonnes of souvenirs and artifacts, in fact creating a space that reflects your adventures is a delicate balance between timeless staples and subtle injections of far off places.  Too many treasures from your travels and your home will start to look like a Grand Bazaar.

travel3(PC: Elle Decor)

Friday Favs – Back School

With Back to School season in full swing, I’m in organization and get ‘er done mode!  So this weeks Friday Favs is devoted to my favorite office and desk supplies to ensure a beautifully organized and creative year.

I love the idea of working in coffee shops.  I feel the change in scenery can be a good way to get the creative juices flowing.  But invariable, I get to a coffee shop and get incredibly distracted – the conversation at the table next to me, the adorable kid across the way, the birds outside, pretty much anything.  So these days, my coffee shop must have are these gorgeous Frends Headphones.  They are deliver incredible sound, while cancelling surrounding noise and are playful, chic, and understatedly feminine.

Increase focus, creativity and productivity with these gorgeous Frend Headphones.

Fall Fashion and Decor

The days are shorter, mornings are crisp and the kids are back in school, September is here and fall is in the air. For me it’s an exciting time, things start to ramp up after summer and fall trends in fashion and décor start to emerge.

This year at the fall fashion shows designers took literal inspiration from interior design. Tory Burch’s collection was a beautiful expression of Marrakech-meets-Chelsea with kilim patterns as digital prints or jacquards in vintage silhouettes reminiscent of Moroccan Rugs.

Image 3Interior    Fashion

Tray Love

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I consider trays to be one of the most versatile and useful accessories in home decor.  They are perfect for creating beautiful vignettes and corralling clutter.  I must admit I have my fair share of trays and am always open to collecting more!  I especially love this one from Pier1 Imports, it’s large, made of wood and sturdy.  Although quite ornate, I find it works in may different spaces, offering an unexpected contrast in more modern rooms.


Back to School: Rental Style

The mornings are crisp, the glorious sun takes a little longer gracing us with it’s light and I’m dreaming of pumpkin, that can only mean one thing … its nearly September and back to school time!  I have always loved this time of year, as a child it meant seeing friends I hadn’t seen over the summer, new clothes and school supplies, and getting to organize my desk or locker (yes, that’s right – the thought of organizing made me loose sleep) and as an adult, there’s a real sense of new beginnings and fresh starts, even more so than January.

This time of year can also mean relocating for a lot of people – moving into new apartments or dorm rooms in preparation for school, practicums, residency’s etc.  So I’ve pulled together some tips and tricks to making your new home truly yours for as long as you’re going to be there, in ways that aren’t going to upset your landlord or floor coordinator.

Often times when renting a space, the inclination is to hold off on buying ‘real’ furniture until you get to your ‘forever’ home.  I say invest in key pieces, especially those that could be re-purposed – a smaller dinning table could be used as a desk in a larger space, a compact sofa could fit into a den in another home.  Investing in quality furniture now will help to create a space that feels comfortable and like a home.  Think about multi-functional furniture, for instance in a dorm room a futon can be a sofa by day and a comfy bed by night.

PicMonkey Collage69(PC: Modern Family Expo and Ikea)

Don’t be limited by existing configurations of furniture in a dorm room, feel free to move pieces around to find a set up that works best for you and your needs.  For instance setting up your bed as a daybed offers seating options for when friends stop by and putting the dresser in the closet can open up a space.

The Perfect Bedroom


I love decorating bedrooms, in particular master bedrooms.  Let’s face it, they are the most important rooms in our homes – it’s where you start and end your day, curl up with a book, and connect with your partner.  The state of your space can profoundly affect your mood and how well you drift off to sleep and how you rise to face the day.

Unfortunately bedrooms are often the most forgotten, passed over rooms!  It’s often thought – since no one is going to see it, why bother!  Why bother?  Because you deserve a beautiful, relaxing space to wind down and start the day in!  I’m reminded of that IKEA commercial, where the homeowners intentionally keep their bedroom doors open while entertaining to show off their spectacular space.  We should all have a space we’re that proud of.

When I get to do a bedroom for a client, I love creating a truly special, sanctuary like space.  This can be achieved while still keeping the space fun, with injections of your personality and story.  There are however some rules I like to follow.

Gallery Walls

There are so many aspects of design and decor I love, but a definite front runner is creating Gallery Walls.  I love curating a variety of artwork, diverse frames, and whatever else peaks my interest in unique and creative ways.


Most of the time I have a jumping off point, something that has inspired me – my muse if you will.  And then the story develops from there – I like to think of my walls as story tellers – the love of travel, good food, family, connection, colour, creativity, etc.

Bring the Indoors Out

As the days get longer and the temps warmer, it’s time to expand our living spaces into the outdoors!  Bringing the indoors out and creating a space your family and friends won’t want to leave can be easy and fun with a few simple strategies.

When pulling together an outdoor space first consider what you’ll most be doing in the space – lounging around, eating meals, preparing food, entertaining, etc.  Or maybe you’d like to accommodate multiple functions. Giving some thought to how you’d like to use your outdoor space will help you establish the type of furniture you’ll need – for example casual sofas or a table with chairs or both.

PicMonkey Collage54(PC: Better Home and Traditional Home)

Next consider the Color scheme.  Since today more than ever outdoor living spaces are considered an extension of our homes, I like to use a palate and style that is cohesive with that of the indoor living space – maybe pick up on some accent colors and play them up, as I’ve done.


Spring Has Sprung!

Well it may not be official and those of us who have lived in Calgary for any amount of time know that it can snow in an instant – but for now, it sure looks and feels like Spring has Sprung!  And I couldn’t be happier!  Spring time brings longer days, more sunlight, a sense of renewal and most exciting for me, gorgeous, fresh flowers!

I love incorporating fresh flowers into the spaces I create.  Bed side tables and an office desk are two obvious spaces to accent with fresh flowers.

PicMonkey Collage36

But how about a pop of colour and freshness in the mudroom or laundry room?  What a wonderful surprise as you walk through the door!  And how much prettier and joyful would laundry be!

Metallics are Never a Bad Idea


I am ga-ga for metallics!  And lucky for me they’re everywhere!

The value of warm metals like Gold, Bronze and Brass throughout history is undeniable, but until recently home decor was dominated by silvers and grays.  Only in the last little while are we seeing a revival of these beautiful metallics and I couldn’t be happier.