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Tips and Tricks

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Backyard Rescue


An early spring here in the prairies means we’re all ecstatic and spending as much time outside as possible!  Many of us save getting our backyards, patios and gardens ready for summer until the May long weekend, but this year that will put us behind!  So I’ve pulled together some of my favorite ways to get the backyard ready for quiet mornings enjoying coffee and the paper to entertaining friends and family.

If you’d like a little help organizing your space and pulling it together, take advantage of my Patio Bliss Package.

How to Style a Mantle

Image 1Source

The cooler temps here in Calgary this week have made me turn the heat back on and think about lighting a fire!  A little part of me weeps as I write this, I really thought we had beaten the odds this year with a spring that was gorgeous and on time! But alas, this is Calgary and we know better.  So in honor of these cooler days, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to style a mantle.

Mantles get a lot of attention during the winter months and holidays, but if you’re lucky enough to have a mantle in your space, they are a great place to add interest and decor all year around.

Bathroom Design Inspiration

bathroom design inspiration

Earlier this week I shared my newly discovered bath time routine, which naturally has me thinking all things bathrooms.  So I’ve pulled together some amazing bathroom design inspiration, that if like me you feel there is nothing more timeless and fresh than a white bathroom, these spaces may have you questioning yourself.

Decorating for Spring


Eeeep!  Spring is in the air!  Having lived in Calgary for the last 10 years I know better than to expect Spring’s arrival simply because the calendar says so, but I dare say this year we may actually experience spring on time!  I spied tiny little green buds breaking through on the trees in my neighborhood the other day, which can mean only one thing – it’s time to talk decorating for spring!

This is definitely one of my favorite times of year, I simply love the freshness, newness and lightness of the season – three things I like to bring into my decor at this time of year as well!

Patterned Tile

patterned tileSource

Patterned tile has been hot in interior design for the past few years, and isn’t showing any sign of letting up.

And honestly why would it when mosaic and patterned titles have been around for centuries and cement tiles have been used since 1850.  A time honored tradition of using metal molds to hand pour tiles before being pressed and pigmented is still used.  Creating gorgeous tiles, in which no two are alike.

Guest Rooms

guest-apperance-bedroom1(PC: Style at Home)

With the holiday season in full swing, guests and visitors aren’t far behind!  For some that can create panic, drudge and even anxiety.  I however, love hosting guests.  I love having my home full of people and creating a special and memorable experience for my guests.

Most of all I want my guests to be as comfortable in my home as they are in their own.  So today I’m sharing some of the little things I do that help create a special visit for my guests and ensure that I can relax and enjoy the holidays as well.


As the days get shorter and daylight starts to diminish, lighting becomes more important than ever.  Without proper consideration, you may be left with a stark over-lit space or worse in the dark.

Since the best way to ‘screw up good architecture’ according to architect Charlie Simmons is bad lighting, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite tips to creating a well lit, inviting space for fall and winter, because casting your home in the right light is like creating a work of art.

lighting(PC: House and Home)

Fall Decor

As the crispness of fall settles in, our light layers and open toed shoes are tucked away and cozier, warmer layers come out for another season.

This time of year can also nudge us to warm up our homes.  But doing so doesn’t require a complete overhaul or breaking the bank.  Here are some easy ways to warm up your space for fall.

Image 1(PC: Jeanne Campana Design)

Bring in warm touches with brown, orange and gold pillows and throws.  When purchasing big pieces like sofas, it’s a good idea to invest in a neutral palette, that way changing things up is as simple as switching out inexpensive pillows and throws.  When looking for pillows and throws, think wool, cable knit and plaid, all very popular right now.