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Design Roundup: Cane Furniture


Cane furniture has been making a slow resurgence over the last few years.  But it’s popularity seems to have been kicked into high gear as I’m seeing it pop up everywhere.

There is nothing new about cane, it’s quite literally been around for centuries.  Originating as basket material and evolving into furniture later.  A woven cane bed was buried in Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1323 BC, and a cane coffin holding a Moche princess was buried in Peru around AD 750. Cane was used all over Asia and Africa throughout history, woven on objects like Tibetan shields from the 14th-16th centuries AD.

2021 Colours of the Year

2021 Colours of the Year

There are a few things that always mark the start of a new year … a fresh day timer, new set of goals and a new selection of colours of the year.  While I can’t say my design decisions are overly impacted by the colour announcements, I do love seeing what everyone is forecasting.  The chosen colours are often reflective of the what we’ve experienced in the previous year and the hope for the future.  After a year like 2020, I think the selections for 2021 are especially hopeful and inspiring. Scroll through and let me know your favourite!

Renovation ROI

Renovations Worth the Investment

2020 has disrupted the way we live in so many ways, from how we socialize, work and learn to where we live.  For some of us, the shelter in place mandates had us re-evaluating the space we call home.  For many the lack of outdoor space or a functional workspace became glaringly obvious.  For others fluctuating markets and employment uncertainty had us putting plans to upgrade our homes on hold.  Given all of this, it wasn’t entirely shocking to see so many people take on home improvement projects to enhance the efficiency and function of their home.

Design Roundup: Burl Wood

Sometimes the most beautiful things are those that are less than perfect.  There’s probably a life lesson in that statement. But I’ll save that for another day.  Today I’d like to focus on burl wood, which is just that kind of thing.  The intriguing, kaleidoscopic swirls are actually due to a mutation that causes an outgrowth of a tree trunk after some form of stress.  The resulting marble like effect is striking while adding a beautiful depth and sense of calm to a space.  Burl wood is the perfect mix of rustic vibes and modern elegance and I can’t get enough. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite burl wood accents below.

Easter Inspiration

Easter Inspiration

Over the years I’ve created a fair bit of Easter content. And while this year, Easter will look unlike any before it, I thought I would roundup some of my favourite posts.  Because I believe when we all look back at this crazy time, we’ll remember the little moments of joy, the fun we chose to have despite the fear and uncertainty.  So whether you decide to create a special table setting, bake a sweet treat or decorate Easter eggs, I’ve got you covered.

Design Tip: How to Pick the Perfect Rug Size

Design Tip: How to Pick the Perfect Sized Rug

I love adding area rugs to spaces I design.  Nothing seems to ground a room quiet like an area rug.  Aside from the practical considerations, like absorbing sound and making a room more comfortable.  Area rugs are a great way to add texture, colour and depth to a space.

But all too often I see people choosing the wrong sized rug.  A simple oversight that results in a room feeling off, no matter what else you do.  In today’s design tip, I’ve put together a set of  simple rules to ensure you’ll always choose the perfect sized rug for your space.

Design Crush: Bold Marble

design crush bold marble in interior design

Marble has been an anchor in design for centuries.  From kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and living room fireplaces, there’s nothing unusual about using marble.  What is new is the turn towards bolder slabs of marble.  Colour, dramatic veining and cracked expressions seem to be popping up everywhere and are the basis of my current design crush: bold marble.  A bold piece of marble is the perfect way to add drama to space and yet maintain a timeless feel.  I’m sharing some of favourite uses of bold marbles below.