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2019 Paint Trends

2019 Paint Trends

I love a white, bright space just as much as the next designer.  But lately, I find myself craving a little more colour on the walls.  It might be because the 2019 paint trends are right up my alley.  Inspired by nature, tones of stone, earth, forest and sky reign supreme.  The overall affect is a soothing and elegant palette that works in everything from kitchens to bedrooms to bathroom.  I’m sharing some of my favourites below.

2019 Interior Design Trends

There are some things that are certain with the flip of the calendar to a new year – goals, chilly temps (if you live in Calgary), and predictions for what will be trending in the coming year. No matter if we’re talking about fashion, technology, food or interior design, the new year inevitably brings with it a list of what’s going to be hot.