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Design Tip: How to Pick the Perfect Rug Size

Design Tip: How to Pick the Perfect Sized Rug

I love adding area rugs to spaces I design.  Nothing seems to ground a room quiet like an area rug.  Aside from the practical considerations, like absorbing sound and making a room more comfortable.  Area rugs are a great way to add texture, colour and depth to a space.

But all too often I see people choosing the wrong sized rug.  A simple oversight that results in a room feeling off, no matter what else you do.  In today’s design tip, I’ve put together a set of  simple rules to ensure you’ll always choose the perfect sized rug for your space.

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Design Tip: Styling Pillows on Beds

Design Tip: Styling Pillows on Beds

A couple of weeks ago I shared my go to formula for styling pillows on sofas, benches and chairs.  Today I’m taking this Design Tip series into the bedroom and sharing my favourite, stylish, no-fuss pillow arrangements for King, Queen/Full and Twin beds.  Whether you love a decadent bed filled with pillows or a more minimalist approach, I promise there’s an arrangement for you.