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Neelam Interiors Canyon Meadows Project

Client Reveal: Canyon Meadows Project

Client Reveal: Canyon Meadows Project

No design project is a straight line. Despite all the planning, attention to detail, thinking and over thinking (me!) there are always twists and turns, unexpected issues, delays, balls get dropped, it happens. And at our Canyon Meadows Project it all happened. Things I could never have imagined happened … for instance the seller passed away days before my client was set to take possession … perhaps setting the tone for things to come.

Thankfully my client weathered each disappointment and test of patience, even when they felt relentless with a spirit of adventure and sense of humor, because at a certain point all we could do was laugh.

Kitchen Design Inspiration


I see it with my clients all the time, we change up one area or aspect of their space which then inspires a whole cascade of design and decor changes; I’m not going to lie – I love it!  I love it that is, when it’s my client’s space, when the same thing starts to happen in my own space during the busiest time of year, I start to wish I hadn’t begun!

Earlier this summer I had my place painted, which has now inspired a kitchen update.  Nothing major, just surfaces – counter-tops, back-splash, painting out the cabinetry and depending on budget, switching out the appliances.  Nothing major 😉

Since this is a more substantial update than the painting, I’ve allowed myself to take my time with it.  But that hasn’t dampened my incessant collection of kitchen design inspirations. So I thought I would share them here, in case anyone else is looking to update or renovate their kitchen.