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Client Reveal: Livingston Project

For me the design process has always been a fluid one, navigating unexpected surprises, while maintaining budgets and timelines, but never more so than in the last year and a half. The endless pandemic related shortages and delays, have challenged all of us in the industry and most especially our clients to be nimble and patient.

Nothing could be truer for my clients at our Livingston Project. Having worked hard to build their new home, my sweet clients reached out early to start the furnishing process.  Despite the extra lead time we couldn’t get ahead of the Covid supply issues, which had us re-evaluating, re-selecting and finally releasing – trusting that things would show up and be worth the wait. Thankfully, I’m happy to report, that nearly a year to the day we first met, my clients home is complete and it was indeed worth the wait.

Client Reveal: Altadore Project

Client Reveal: Altadore Project

Every so often a project comes along that feels like magic, the kind where it seems the stars have aligned perfectly. That was the case with our Altadore project. From amazing clients who trusted me completely, which was both humbling and empowering, to the exciting scope, perfect location, and trades who brought us over the finish line on time – during a global pandemic – this project was a dream.