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My Dream Dorm Room

dream dorm roomIt’s back to school time (can you believe it?!), for some it’s a time for excitement (hello parents 😉 ) and for others there’s sadness and a longing for summer to last just a little while longer (hello students!).  While I would never wish summer away, I do love this time of year, the crispness in the air, the return to routine and new beginnings, creates an energy and sense of excitement that I just adore.

Moroccan Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie night

Like the famous Peter Allen song, Everything Old is New Again, things have a way of coming back into style.  We see it in fashion and home decor all the time, but it happens in the way we live as well – record players are hip and outdoor movie theaters are the all rage. From drive-ins to backyard viewing, watching movies outdoors is a major summer-time phenomenon.

But if like me you lack a backyard or yard space of any kind, the thought of creating an outdoor movie night might seem unlikely.  If you read my post on inner city outdoor entertaining, you know that I’m all about embracing our spaces and making the most of them.  With a little creativity and friends who are always willing to play along (#blessed) I created a Moroccan inspired outdoor movie night in the courtyard of a friend’s condo complex.

Enchanted Inner City Outdoor Entertaining

inner city outdoor entertaining

Summer is all about dining al fresco. And there is nothing more I love than hosting friends for a casual and laid back summer meal.  But with only a small, seven feet by eleven feet inner city balcony, creating an inspiring place to host my dearest required some creativity.  Today I’m sharing the tricks I used to create an enchanted inner city outdoor entertaining space for anyone with a small, perhaps uninspired patio or balcony.

Keys to Creating a Captivating Neutral Interior

captivating neutral interior

My personal design esthetic definitely leans towards traditional lines with a touch of glam and thoughtful pops of colour.  But I must say, there is something beautiful and elegant about a room layered in neutrals.  They are fresh and crisp, creating a relaxed and comfortable vibe.  But without careful intention, it’s easy to slip into ho-hum beige on cream on beige.  So I’m sharing three keys to creating a captivating neutral interior.

Colour Crush: French Blue

french blue

If  you’ve been following along over the years, you’ll have noticed that there’s one colour that pops up in my designs time and time again: blue.  And while I love everything from a saturated navy to the palest of sky blues, my current obsession is French Blue. The perfect cool blue and inherently sophisticated, I mean it’s named after one of the chicest countries in the world!

10 Enviable Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

indoor/outdoor living spaces

With summer in full swing, I’ve been talking a lot about outdoor spaces. The season is so short around here, that I want to get the most out of it and help you do the same. You can read about how to create a memorable front entrance here and the perfect patio here.  Something that’s become increasingly popular in recent years is indoor/outdoor living spaces.  Spaces that seamlessly transition a homes interior to the exterior.  And why not?  Doing so increases the living space dramatically while ushering in a tonne of natural light.  I’m particularly loving oversized windows that swing open and black steal details. With a little forthought and planning this interior design trend can be incorported into your home’s design quite easily. To get you started, I’ve pulled together ten enviable spaces 🙂

The Perfect Patio

The Perfect Patio

I’m not sure why, but summer always sneaks up on me! Despite the endless yearning, I find I’m scrambling every year to get my outdoor space ready. And truthfully, it’s usually days (or moments) before entertaining outside that my space really comes together.  So, if like me you’re in a rush to get your space together in time for the July long weekend, I’ve put together three simple, yet distinct looks to help you create the perfect patio.

7 Common Interior Design Mistakes

common interior design mistakes

As my client base has grown, I’ve noticed a few common missteps that keep a space from feeling cohesive and well put together.  Thankfully with a few simple tweaks, most of these common interior design mistakes can be easily remedied.  Have a read and then take a lot around your space, have you unknowingly committed any of these? What tweaks are you going to make to achieve a polished designer look?