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Colour Crush: Terracotta and Navy

colour crush: terracotta and navy

Thanksgiving has come and gone here in Canada and while most of the country nurses a turkey and pie hangover, I’m back at it with a fall inspired colour crush: terracotta and navy.

If you read my post on transitioning your space for fall, you know that I am not one to decorate with traditional colours like red, yellow and orange.  Favouring instead textures and layers to create a cozy space to welcome cooler temps.

Having said that, a colour I am obsessed with for fall is earthy terracotta: warm, laid back and much easier to work with than red.  It is my new favourite fall hue.  And when paired with navy, it creates a sophisticated and modern look; one that is comfortable, cozy and inviting.

colour crush: terracotta and navy

Terracotta and navy is a colour combination that works beautifully when each is in large scale pieces – a navy sofa and terracotta chairs and rug, work masterfully together. Creating a comfortable space that is cozy, yet vibrant and fresh.

colour crush: terracotta and navy

colour crush: terracotta and navy

What do you think about terracotta and navy? Is it a colour combination you could get behind?

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Photography: MJay Photography


  • Carla

    October 12, 2017 4:02 pm

    Lovely this color combination, just beautiful!

  • Melissa

    October 12, 2017 7:26 pm

    This is stunning! I’m having a navy crush right now and this room looks just perfect. Beautiful choices!

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