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The Perfect Bedroom


I love decorating bedrooms, in particular master bedrooms.  Let’s face it, they are the most important rooms in our homes – it’s where you start and end your day, curl up with a book, and connect with your partner.  The state of your space can profoundly affect your mood and how well you drift off to sleep and how you rise to face the day.

Unfortunately bedrooms are often the most forgotten, passed over rooms!  It’s often thought – since no one is going to see it, why bother!  Why bother?  Because you deserve a beautiful, relaxing space to wind down and start the day in!  I’m reminded of that IKEA commercial, where the homeowners intentionally keep their bedroom doors open while entertaining to show off their spectacular space.  We should all have a space we’re that proud of.

When I get to do a bedroom for a client, I love creating a truly special, sanctuary like space.  This can be achieved while still keeping the space fun, with injections of your personality and story.  There are however some rules I like to follow.

1) The 3 S’s

The bedroom should be for sleep, de-stressing and sex. Period.  No computers, cell phones and most importantly TVs!  Treating your bedroom like a sanctuary will enhance the rest and relaxation you get.  Let curling up in bed and watching TV be a treat for when you’re staying in hotels, not a every night thing.


2) Keep it Clean

Like every room in your home, clutter, disorganization and dirt will affect your energy.  Take some extra time to keep this space especially neat and tidy – keep the bills in the office, the kids toys in the toy room, etc.  Again let this be a special space, for only beautiful things that you love, have sentimental value or evoke the energy and spirit you want in your bedroom.


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3) Between the Sheets

I really believe in investing in a good set of sheets, the best you can afford.  We spend nearly a quarter of our lives sleeping, so why not allow yourself to be snuggled in a bit of luxury.  While we’re on the topic of investing, invest smartly.  Because we spend so much time in bed, invest in a good mattress, forgo the extra decorative pillows and table lamps for a quality mattress.  And don’t be afraid to return it, most company’s allow you to return a mattress for up to 60 days after you’ve purchased it.  You really do need to try it out and make sure it’s right for you, you’re worth it.

4) Colour

When choosing colours for a bedroom, I like to keep them neutral – whites, grays, tans and muted blues and greens – they are soft, romantic and calming.  If you really want to go bold in your bedroom, it can be done – just be sure to incorporate your bold colour in multiple different aspects of the room – maybe in paint, fabric, furniture, accessories etc. to prevent a stark contrast from occurring.  Pulling in different shades of your colour will also help soften the space, creating a cohesive look that when pulled together can be relaxing and cozy.  To read more about colour theory, click here.


Keep these in mind when creating your sanctuary and you’re sure to have a better sleep, face the day with more energy and positivity and connect more deeply and freely with your partner!


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